IP Technology Labs' products are directly targeted towards enterprise and I.T. users who have or wish to have multiple networks transparently, secure

The IPTL FastLane product set of 17 appliances is realized by developing a small set of similar hardware platforms combined with the IPTL developed software core. These products are targeted to provide an immediate, low-cost, and production-based solution.

FastLane 72

The IpTL 72 FastLane Dual-Port Secure Transparent Bridging Gateway provides a universal transition point for distributed and mesh networking. With two separate tunnels each configurable as local or remote, the IpTL 72 can easily mesh multiple locations. Use xDSL, 3G, or Satellite IP and link your LANs over multiple transit networking facilities.

FastLane 75

The IpTL Model 75 FastLane Tunneling Ethernet VPN Gateway transparently and securely connects and tunnels any Ethernet LANs over the Internet. Unlike traditional IPSec VPN’s, the IpTL 75 lets VoIP, Video conferencing, cloud computing, surveillance, and network database applications work perfectly as there are no net-work issues complicating their use.

FastLane 78

The IpTL Model 78 FastLane MultiPort Secure Transparent Bridging Gateway provides a single termination point for networking up to 8 remote locations to a central site. The IpTL 78 provides the same high-performance secure and transparent LAN-to-LAN bridging as other IpTL 70 Series devices, but without having to “stack” boxes, use rack space, or create confusing configurations.