Redundancy & High-Availability

Solution – Server Side Redundancy

Automatic Link and Equipment Failure Protection

For Critical High-Availability networking only the IpTL Model 79R’s can deliver 100% network connectivity. Multiple M79R’s can be deployed at the central site to provide redundancy and protection from link, provider, and equipment failures.

With the IpTL FlexPath™ feature, use up to four individual M79’s with separate service providers and routers and still provide a single unified network end-to-end.


Without using any extra hardware or non-standard network architectures, any Model 71L or 71LW, 75, or 72 will automatically connect to any of the central site servers. If one on the service provider links or equipment fails, the remote endpoints will automatically switch to the next available M79R.

When the automatic switch occurs there is no change in the addressing, access, or reachability — connectivity remains completely transparent and end-to-end — without any user intervention.

When To Use

If you need to ensure seamless availability under the following operating environments:

  • Large concentration of remote users at the central site.
  • When 100% guaranteed access to the central site is required.
  • Protection against hardware failure on the server such as power supply issues, processor/memory failure, etc.
  • Protection from Link, Provider, or Equipment failure is required at the same time.
  • Positive indication that the backup is available and active. (e.g. Hot Active) even when it is not being utilized.

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