Point-to-Point L2 VPN

Solution – Point-to-Point Networking –
VPN Tunneling made Easy!

VPN, LAN Virtualization, & Ethernet Extension made easy!

Immediately create your own secure private Ethernet and LAN VPN network with our secure tunneling bridges and eliminate device and configuration incompatibilities without the difficulty of self-administered VPNs.

Used in pairs or with other IpTL appliances, the IpTL 75 permits one or more LANs to be transparently joined together while permitting computers, hosts, printers, and applications to function normally.

Using any provider’s low-cost Internet IP service (e.g. WiMax, Cable Modem, xDSL, FTTX,) applications and hosts simply “think” they are connected to the same local network

KEY Benefits

  • Your Data ALWAYS goes between your networks…never through our servers…ever!
  • Completely transparent to your data – VoIP – Video – Data – you name it.
  • Works through Firewalls, NATs, Proxies – and completely secure
  • No controllers, No recurring charges or licenses.
  • Clientless VPN – no client on any device full security end-to-end
  • Unlimited Hosts, Unlimited, Users, Unlimited VLANs
  • AES256 encryption X.509 Certificate Security with Dynamic Keys — automatic and standard
  • No FIXED IP required on either end of the link
  • Can use with Dynamic IP on both ends of the link including DCHP or PPPoE
  • VLAN extension over the Internet – Completely transparent
  • Use for MPLS Leased Line Replacement
  • No need to sign up for DynDns or similar services…we take care of it all
  • Don’t worry about tricky port forwards, Firewalls, or Blockages – AutoConnect takes care of
  • Totally secure – You control your VPN!


Extend your LAN Anywhere

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The IpTL FastLane™ 75 Tunneling Ethernet VPN Gateway transparently and securely connects and tunnels any Ethernet LANs over the Internet.

Unlike traditional IPSec VPN’s, the IpTL 75 lets VoIP, Video conferencing, cloud computing, surveillance, and network database applications work perfectly as there are no network issues complicating their use.

With AutoConnect and RealTimeResource, only IpTL delivers true Plug-&-Play Ethernet/LAN extension.


When To Use

  • Home office for executive staff
  • Remote office expansion
  • Two sites are required to be interconnected
  • Remote device/host extension
  • Quick response transient network
  • Extending Ethernet LANs to any locations
  • Secure Tunnels Bridge
  • Ethernet Bridge over IP
  • Transparent and Secure Networking

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