Point-of-Sale Secure Solutions for Hospitality IT Systems

Scaling IT Automation Technologies is Key to Growth

Information technologies streamline nearly every operational aspect within the hospitality and retail industries. The transactional nature touches every aspect of the business from revenue assurance and loss prevention to customer sales and effective inventory management. Today, an organization cannot grow and scale unless its operations are integrated, fully interconnected, and secure. Only IpTL can provide lower-costs, increased reliability, and investment protection for Point-of-Sale retail automation systems.


Key IpTL Solution Benefits – Lower Costs & Increased Revenue

The typical interconnection of a multi-site franchise requires the use of telephone company issued dedicated T1 or DDS leased-lines, vSAT services, or MPLS services. While these are dedicated links are private they are limited in speed, not secure and add a significant direct hard add cost to operations. These costs build-up as they are increased by each site requiring connectivity. Furthermore, these services are simply unable to accommodate leading industry offerings such as High-Definition video fraud detection or integrated telephony.





IpTL’s network-leading IP/Ethernet solutions simplify, lower the cost, and enable the connection of network devices, services, and applications over any LAN or WAN infrastructure. Unlike traditional IPSec VPN’s, the IpTL FastLane™ series enables all Point-of-Sale technologies, Loss Prevention Analytics, VoIP/Video conferencing, cloud, surveillance, and database applications to work perfectly without the associated configuration or network difficulties.

Pairing IpTL with low-cost high-speed Internet access the operator can create a “virtual” leased-line which is secure, redundant, and adaptable to technologies today and tomorrow. Through deployment of IpTL direct and immediate cost savings can be realized while protecting direct and indirect infrastructure investments.


Operator Benefits

While direct cost-savings using IpTL can immediately quantify the return-on-investment there are many soft costs which will also directly benefit the operator. By having real-time data access to each retail location from headquarters the operator can leverage these gains:

  • Sales, promotions, and price adjustments are immediate to all locations optimizing revenue and competitive conditions.
  • Offerings are consistent and uniform across all locations and staff.
  • Enhanced Loss Prevention through standardization across staff, locations, and vendors.
  • Combat slippage by tracking dispensables (e.g. drink monitoring) and real-time reporting and feedback.
  • IpTL supports seamless migration to Cloud-POS/SaaS solutions as they emerge without ripping out current investments.
  • Tight integration with inventory management, CRM, financials, warehousing.
  • Support all POS devices – Touchscreens, Cashdrawers, Handheld Inventory Scanners, Security cams, weight scale, receipt printers, etc.
  • Retail POS systems include an accounting interface that "feeds" sales and cost of goods information to independent accounting applications.
  • EFTPOS support via IP over dedicated secure channel.
  • IpTL provides an effective enabling solution to keep up with best practices and quickly resolve targeted problems.
  • Higher quality video images than traditional CCTV systems with offsite fast access to live and recorded video with immediate playback features.
  • Integration of surveillance with point-of-sale (POS) systems.



IpTL’s approach is to ensure full transparent connectivity of all computing devices within the business. Additionally, key features of the IpTL solution enable the discreet separation of desired data while utilizing a single fully managed and secure link.


With IpTL, new services and best-practices can be employed as they become available without requiring a fork-lift upgrade to the facility or waiting for the infrastructure to catch-up. For example, hi-definition video analytics can be added to a facility to provide real-time monitoring off-site. IpTL will ensure the transport, security, and availability for both local and remote access.



IpTL enables full reach and manageability regardless of location of installation. Using low-cost Internet links from any xDSL, CableModem, or Fiber provider, the multi-location operator can ensure lowest-cost connectivity while providing high-availability from headquarters. Additionally, there are no mileage charges from the telecom provider so distant locations can be connected, monitored, and managed anywhere in the world.




Secure Communications End-to-End

The IpTL FastLane™ Gateway not only ensure data security with commercial AES256 encryption but also offers data authorization, integrity, and data assurance for all communications. Using X.509 Certificates, dynamic keys, and strong encryption the IpTL Secure Gateways fully operate within the four cryptographic delivery points of secure communications: Confidentiality, Integrity, Assurance, Authentication, non-repudiation.


With IpTL all of the critical security parameters are preconfigured to ensure uniformity across all installed sites. This includes automatic dynamic keys (no pre-shared key,) and anti Man-In-The-Middle secure per-packet signatures.

Each IpTL endpoint is fully accessible and manageable from the headquarters. This enables IT managers to ensure uniform security, access, and uptime policy’s to any location any time.

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