BYOD Integration and Mobility

Solution – Bring Your Own Device Secure Connectivity

Connect your BYOD device – iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, PC’s – to your corporate network 

Now you can safely and seamlessly incorporate any BYOD device including smartphones, tablets, and personal computing devices into your network. 

Connect your BYOD via secure WiFi (WPA2/AES256) and the IpTL solution will provide an AES256 tunnel back to your headquarters.  Use in coffee shows, Internet café’s, and public Internet access points to provide end-to-end security and connectivity.

Only the IpTL solution allows a vendor-agnostic solution without requiring any installation or maintenance of client software components.


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KEY Benefits

  • Your Data ALWAYS goes between your networks…never through our servers…ever!
  • Completely transparent to your data – VoIP – Video – Data – you name it.
  • Works through Firewalls, NATs, Proxies – and completely secure
  • No controllers, No recurring charges or licenses.
  • Clientless VPN – no client on any device full security end-to-end
  • Unlimited Hosts, Unlimited, Users, Unlimited VLANs
  • AES256 encryption X.509 Certificate Security with Dynamic Keys — automatic and standard
  • No FIXED IP required on either end of the link
  • Can use with Dynamic IP on both ends of the link including DCHP or PPPoE
  • VLAN extension over the Internet – Completely transparent
  • Use for MPLS Leased Line Replacement
  • No need to sign up for DynDns or similar services…we take care of it all
  • Don’t worry about tricky port forwards, Firewalls, or Blockages – AutoConnect takes care of
  • Totally secure – You control your VPN!

When To Use

  • Multiservice integration for Remote Access
  • Supports any device WiFi or Wired Ethernet to secure tunnel
  • Security for devices when used in public Internet access location

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