Just like the World’s Longest Ethernet Cable™ our patent-pending technology enables seamless connectivity with networks and devices anywhere and over any network.

We eliminate the costs and headaches of WAN networking while preserving your application and connectivity end-to-end.  Older VPN technologies (IPSec, PPTP, GRE, etc.) simply do not provide full network functionality, ease of use, and access control.

Only IpTL delivers easy, secure, and transparent connectivity end-to-end to any device, application or user anywhere – Just like the World’s Longest Ethernet Cable™.

Industrial Ethernet / M2M / IoT

IpTL's M2M Industrial Ethernet Solutions solve the connectivity, acquisition, and security challenges of legacy, transitional, and modern machine based applications.  Removing the blocks when connecting supervisory stations to field units, IpTL lowers operational costs while delivering data without wide-area networking issues.


IP Camera extension

Ethernet over IP

Point of Sale Connectivity

Enterprise Network (VoIP/Video/UC)

IpTL provides integrated solutions which address these problems. Simply, IpTL enables complete and fully functional network connectivity easily, securely and automatically for enterprises, machines, applications, and users.


Layer-2 Ethernet Bridge over IP

Dynamic IP access for VoIP and Video

Remote Access & VPN Replacement

IpTL's access solutions eliminate the challenges of multi-device & multi-user access to network resources.  As the 4th-Generation VPN combine secure connectivity with agentless integration with full end-to-end management.


BYOD VPN Replacement

SoHo/RoBo Remote Access