FastLane78 MultiPoint

IpTL FastLane™ 78 Series
MultiPoint Secure Transparent Bridging Gateway

The IpTL Model 78 FastLane MultiPoint Secure Transparent Bridging Gateway provides a single termination point for networking up to eight (8) remote locations to a central site. The IpTL 78 provides the same high-performance secure and transparent LAN-to-LAN bridging as other IpTL 70 Series devices, but without having to “stack” boxes, use rack space, or create confusing configurations.

When used with any IpTL 70 Series client (e.g. IpTL M71LW, M75), the IpTL 78 delivers a transparent Ethernet bridge, over the Internet, between the remote client and the central-site. While providing a secure VPN tunnel for any Ethernet frame (including VLAN tagged or MPLS tagged frames) the auto-learning features recognizes traffic for the remote LAN and simply sends only that traffic down the gateway tunnel.

The IpTL 78 offers integrated security and optimization fea-tures which keeps the policy control at the central site. With per-client/tunnel user defined access lists, filters, and ACL the administrator can manage on any IP or MAC address, source and destination address, and protocol types.