FastLane75 Point

IpTL 75 FastLane™ Series
Secure Transparent Bridging Gateway

The IpTL 75 Tunneling Ethernet VPN Gateway transparently and securely connects and tunnels any Ethernet LANs over the Internet. Unlike traditional IPSec VPN’s, the IpTL 75 lets VoIP, Video conferencing, cloud computing, surveillance, and network database applications work perfectly as there are no network issues complicating their use.

Used in pairs, the IpTL 75 permits one or more LANs to be transparently joined together while permitting computers, hosts, printers, and applica-tions to function normally. Using any provider’s low-cost Internet IP service (e.g. WiMax, CableModem, xDSL, FTTX,) applications and hosts simply “think” they are connected to the same local network.

The IpTL Model 75 is a Point-to-Point transparent Ethernet bridge while providing a secure VPN tunnel for any Ethernet frame (including VLAN tagged or MPLS tagged frames.) Auto-learning features recognizes traf-fic for the remote LAN and simply sends only that traffic down the gate-way tunnel.

Integrated security and optimization features with per-client/tunnel user de-fined access lists (ACL), filters, and SPI the administrator can manage on any IP or MAC address, source and destina-tion address, and protocol types. The IpTL 75 provides several user selectable encryption methods including, AES-128, AES-256, and Blowfish and on-the-fly low-latency compression for optimum responsiveness.