FastLane72 Mesh

IpTL FastLane™ 72 Series
Dual-Port Secure Transparent Bridging Gateway

  • Solves network integration challenges imposed by infrastructure limitations — including NATs, DHCP, Firewalls, and Filters/Proxies
  • Connect users securely & transparently over any existing LAN or WAN.
  • Enables transparent operation of all network applications and hosts.

The IpTL 72 enables distributed networks to work as one. With two separate tunnels each configurable as local or remote, the IpTL 72 can easily mesh multiple locations. Use xDSL, 3G, or Satellite IP and link your LANs over multiple transit networking facilities.

The IpTL 72 Dual-Port Secure Transparent Bridging Gateway provides a universal transition point for distributed and mesh networking. The IpTL 72 provides an easy-to-use solution for transparently connecting distributed networks.

The IpTL 72 offers two independent tunnel ports. To adapt to the actual Internet access method (e.g. xDSL, 3G, Sat.) each tunnel can be configured as either client or server. Each tunnel functions as a point-to-point connection and is joined, at the Ethernet level, to the integrated bridge group within the IpTL 72.

The IpTL 72 can be used with any IpTL 70 Series local or remote client (e.g. IpTL 75) while providing a secure VPN tunnel for any Ethernet frame — including VLAN tagged or MPLS tagged frames.

Like all IpTL 70 series devices, the IpTL 72 offers integrated secu-rity and optimization features. With per-tunnel user defined ac-cess lists/ACLs and filters.