FastLane 7 NetBlazer™ Secure Remote Access Adapter

The IpTL Model 7 NetBlazer™ Secure Remote Access Adapter provides true plug-and-play secure clientless access for on-the-go users.  More than a VPN, the NetBlazer™ delivers full network access to all resources and shares them with your PC, phone, and tablets – all at the same time. Transparent to your data, your applications, your peripherals how you work don’t change while out of the office. 

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Just like the World’s Longest Ethernet Cable™IpTL’s unique combination of transparency, security, and management deliver Trust-and-Control™ from the office to the remote anywhere – anytime.

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As a tethered host-powered device, the NetBlazer™ offers four network interfaces standard for anywhere-anytime flexibility.  The integral USB port “appears” as an Ethernet interface to standard hosts.  The wired 10/100 Ethernet port can be used for network access or to support a VOIP hard-phone.   Integrated 802.11 WiFi allows you to create your own personal and secure hot spot while the WiFi client permits simultaneous uplink to a WiFi network provider.  Of course, all interfaces can be used at the same time with the secure tunnel over any port.

Built on IpTL’s product-based converged infrastructure technologies, such as the Model 71, Model 75, and Model 79R, the NetBlazer™ solution provides the same network connectivity, application transparency, and tunnel security without the individual hardware overhead, maintenance, and costs of a separate hardware installation.


When to Use

  • Mobile user Secure Transparent and Automatic Remote Network Access
  • VPN Client replacement — Connectivity without clients – use with PC, Mac, Android, IOS
  • Full BYOD integration for all devices
  • Eliminate two-factor token overhead with enhanced Trust-and-Control™
  • Full remote management from your NOC
  • Distributed Call-Center VoIP agents
  • Video and VoIP Application connectivity WITHOUT an SBC or helper applications 

    Highlight Features

    • 802.11 WiFi Access point & WiFi Client (simultaneous)
    • Automated Captive Portal/Splash-page login
    • Self-powered from USB port with any USB-based power source
    • 10/100 Ethernet Wired port
    • Any port can be used for tunnel, uplink, or hosts
    • Full independent remote management
    • True universal device support – No software client for any laptop, phone, tablet
    • AES256 Encryption,  X.509v3 certificate, Perfect Forward Secrecy
    • Inherent component of multi-factor authentication security via possession (something-you-have)