Support VPN Remote Access users from iPhone, Android, and PC clients with the new IpTL PPTP server feature.

The IpTL PPTP Server feature provides private access to networks using traditional VPN methods.  Now free and installed clients on smartphones and PC’s can connect to their remote network with a Layer-3 IP connection.

PPTP provides an extremely light-weight and simple VPN setup for remote mobility users.  With fully configurable networking and user credentials, the IpTL PPTP feature includes the Proxy-ARP function to enable access to remote hosts without the need to setup and maintain routes or routing protocols. 

Additionally, the PPTP features operates concurrently with other FastLane tunneling technologies while simultaneously supporting site-to-site network access with other PPTP or IpTL appliances.

The PPTP Server feature is available in firmware version, is free-of-charge, and is available for all IpTL FastLane products,

Click here to request the PPTP firmware or additional information on IpTL Secure LAN Connectivity Solutions.


Click here for the PPTP Server Solutions Application Note



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