Software Release 3 brings simultaneous wireless client and WiFi access-point with true end-to-end security for all devices and applications, unified end-point management and policy control.

Baltimore, Maryland USA February 28, 2013 – IP Technology Labs, the leader in secure touchless network appliances, announces Release 3 of its operating firmware for its FastLane™ line of secure solutions. Release 3 offers simultaneous WiFi client uplink and access-point enabling truly secure BYOD mobility on public hot-spots without a device client. Also included is unified end-point management connectivity through its DirectAccess™ device management framework.

“When Innovation drives evolution our customers benefit.” Said Scott Whittle, President of IP Technology Labs. “Users are driving the IT infrastructure for no-excuses access to their applications anywhere, and IT wants security and manageability. Instead of looking at BYOD as problem and avoiding it, we are seeing smart adopters integrate BYOD as an enabling solution for their workforce. Only IPTL delivers device agnostic BYOD access with true device-to-desktop security and manageability.”

Release 3 is available now for the IpTL Model 71LW wireless unit as a free software update and adds the following new features:

  • Simultaneous WiFi Access-Point and WiFi Uplink permitting secure wireless connection to public hot-spots for Internet as well as connecting WiFi enabled devices to the secure tunnel.
  • Centralized out-of-band device management via the IpTL Model 7700 FastTAC™ with the IpTL DirectAccess™ framework.
  • BYOD mobility support with user WiFi login, automatic network login-to-tunnel, and enhanced AutoConnect™ features.

As the World’s Longest Ethernet Cable™ the IpTL FastLane™ solutions place your complete LAN securely anywhere in the world while integrating all your wireless and wired devices seamlessly. Using any Internet connection an enterprise can create its own virtualized, private, and secure private cloud network. IpTL provides true plug-and-play network virtualization while eliminating all recurring costs allowing you to implement your own secure cloud.


  • To discuss how IPTL can be used to solve your network connectivity challenges or to confirm your place in our presentation please contact Solutions@iptechnologylabs.com



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IP Technology Labs is the worldwide designer and manufacturer of the FastLane™ IP and Ethernet network appliances and AutoConnect™ plug-and-play VPN, Tunneling, and LAN virtualization appliances. IPTL solutions allow organizations to gain better visibility across their activities, improve operational efficiencies, and fully enable netcentric applications with an improved control over network costs. Empowering enterprise, government, and service providers of all sizes, customers and partners rely on IPTL to deliver innovative solutions which transforms the experience and economics of networking.

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