The FastLaneâ„¢ IpTL MultiVirtualConnectâ„¢ (MVC) functionality license provides multiple virtual forwarding and connectivity instances within a single Model79R hardware installation.

Allowing a single hardware and service installation to be shared across many remote user groups, MVC allows the easy and automatic separation of customer traffic onto distinct VLANS or physical Ethernet ports.

MVC provides an easy way to provide customer or application specific connectivity with fully independent data paths. As each MVC instance is isolated within the Model 79R, the same or overlapping network addresses schemes can be utilized. Without requiring any change or modification to client IpTL device network users are unaware of the headend connectivity, isolation, or routing.

Please download the MVC solution brief at http://iptechnologylabs.com/dn/IPTL_MVC_Solutions_Brief.pdf for additional information.


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