Type approval from the UAE Telecommunications Regulation Authority enables unrestricted import, sale, and use of FastLane™ solutions in the UAE.

Dubai, UAE, July 10, 2012 — IP Technology Labs today announces it has achieved Type Approval from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA). The TRA Type Approval clears the way for government approved unrestricted import, sale, and use of IpTL FastLane™ products within the UAE.


As the world’s longest Ethernet cable the IpTL FastLane™ solutions place your LAN securely anywhere in the world. Using your existing Internet connection any enterprise can create its own virtualized, private, and secure network. The FastLane Model 70 Series of Secure Plug-and-Play Bridges eliminate configuration difficulties, DHCP issues, and works behind NATs as well as with Dynamic IP. IpTL provides true plug-and-play network virtualization while eliminating all recurring costs allowing you to implement your own secure cloud, In your way, with your tools.

“As private clouds become an viable option for enterprises that need to cut costs yet stay competitive, TRA type approval strengthens the confidence in our customers’ decision to choose IpTL’s innovative solutions," said Scott Whittle, President IpTL. "As TRA is respected globally, TRA approval also enables us to achieve certification from other telecommunications providers in the region and continue our ongoing support of our multinational partners."

Interested partners are encouraged to contact mena@IpTechnologylabs.com for additional information and opportunities to cooperate with IpTL.

About IP Technology Labs (

IP Technology Labs is the worldwide designer and manufacturer of the FastLane™ IP and Ethernet network appliances and plug-and-play VPN devices. Focusing on WAN Optimization and Network Security markets, IpTL solves the challenges imposed by infrastructure limitations for telecommunications and information technology users; IpTL simplifies, lowers the cost, and enables the connection of network devices and services over any LAN or WAN infrastructure. With products made in the USA, IpTL offers solutions for every network.
IP Technology Labs, IpTL, BroadLane, and FastLane, The World’s Longest Ethernet Cable are the trademarks of IP Technology Labs, LLC. in the United States and other countries. The IP Technology Labs logos are trademarks of IP Technology Labs, LLC.


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