IpTL is pleased to provide Free-of-Charge webinar covering our Model 7 NetBlazer™ dongle and its dual uplink and access point Wi-Fi.

Available now in IpTL BroadLane™ firmware release 3.2.9, the Model 7 now supports simultaneous client Wi-Fi, for connecting and tunneling, as well as a local private Access Point HotSpot for all of your devices.  No USB drivers or computer is required to unify and connect your road warriors.

Register below for your spot on the Webinar.

Typical Use for Dual Wi-Fi (click on image to enlarge)



Registration & Details

The Webinar is via Go-To-Webinar and only requires a minimum of a web browser, Internet access, and local audio (e.g. speakers or headphones.)  Space is limited, so please email to confirm your registration.



Tuesday April 5th, 2016 2pm – 3pm GST
(1400 – 1500 Dubai, UAE)


Mobilize your Access with the new Model 7 NetBlazer™
Dual Wi-Fi Features

Registration URL

Click Here to Register – Go To Webinar




Free of Charge


Please go to M7 Webinar Registration to secure your spot in the session.   Any questions or to setup a private webinar please email  webinar@iptechnologylabs.com.

Firmware 3.2.9 Availability – Software Available for current M7 Users

If you have a Model 7 NetBlazer please drop us an email to mailto:support@iptechnologylabs.com  Please include the Ethernet MAC address of your unit and your contact details.  We’ll send a link right out to you.


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