About Us

Our Vision

Network Communications Simplified with IP Technology Labs

IPTL’s vision is to see a world where the network serves the productivity of its users. Our mission is to transform the way the network is used, regardless of technology, enabling open, reliable, and frustration-free communications.

It is clear that we love networking! with over 100 years of combined network product and application experience, there isn't a network protocol, or interface we don't like ... or understand.

IP Technology Labs (IPTL) develops, manufactures, and markets network-leading IP/Ethernet solutions for telecommunications and information technology users.  IPTL’s products enable access to network resources anywhere, transparently, and with extremely easy-to-use products.

Our focus is straight forward!

Who We Are

With headquarters based in Maryland USA, we are a group of professional and experienced people, having fun designing and marketing products. We operate globally, either directly or through our local in-country partners, and truly understand world-wide networking, datacom, and telecom systems.

With representatives in the Americas, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Middle-East/North Africa we understand the unique issues when supporting our customers around the world.  Principal manufacturing is done in Washington State and California with additional assembly and warehouse facilities in Chicago, our products are USA designed, USA manufactured, and USA supported.

The IPTL Advantage

IPTL recognizes significant deficiencies in how Internet, data, and communication services are deployed.  As such, user desires and expectations for network communications are either unmet or partially filled.

IPTL exists to supply low-cost easy-to-use Ethernet/IP solutions which address the following market-critical points:

  • Solves specific network integration problems by overcoming imposed limitations end-to-end and over multi-provider transport networks.
  • Permit the use of any existing network infrastructure to securely and transparently connect users over any wired or wireless network.
  • Offer enhanced but simple network functionality enabling the deployment and transparent operation of network based applications such as VoIP, corporate intranet access, databases and network storage, and triple/quad play services.

We don't get hung-up on the small stuff. From the start we are oriented to ensure meaningful full-circle product support and ongoing product development ensuring that your requests and needs are met every step of the way.