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IP Technology Labs Awarded US Patent Enabling Software Defined Networking to Overcome Connectivity Challenges

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Invention facilitates device and application network orchestration allowing real-time and non-realtime communications without a pre-established link.

Baltimore, Maryland USA March 22, 2016– IP Technology Labs, the leading provider of VoIP, Video/UC, LAN/WAN networking appliances, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent #9,294,4343 covering a method of connectionless communication. The proprietary technology fills-in specific technology gaps between how applications and devices find, configure, connect, and communicate with each other.

“IpTL has always been a pioneer overcoming the challenges of the access network,” said Scott Whittle, President of IP Technology Labs. “Our forward-thinking enables customers to uncomplicate their initiatives, particularly when connecting multisite VoIP, Video, and Unified Communications over the Internet. This patent is an important component of our overall intellectual property portfolio and underscores the marketplace momentum for connectivity anywhere, anytime, and with any device.”

Connectionless communications is a key enabling technology addressing the growing needs of software defined networking (SDN). Applications, devices, and Internet of Things (IoT) need a way to seamlessly communicate, configure, and respond to the network. IpTL employs this technology in all its FastLane appliances to enable automatically secure Ethernet connectivity.

As the World’s Longest Ethernet Cable™ IpTL FastLane solutions place your LAN securely anywhere in the world while integrating all your wireless and wired devices seamlessly. Using any Internet connection an enterprise can create its own virtualized, private, and secure LAN network. IpTL appliances work especially well in network environments where NAT, Nested-NAT, or Dynamic-IP/DHCP is present on both ends of a link.

Contact for additional information and opportunities to cooperate with IpTL.


About IP Technology Labs LLC. (

IP Technology Labs is the worldwide designer and manufacturer of the FastLane™ IP and Ethernet network appliances for plug-and-play connectivity. Solving challenges imposed by infrastructure limitations for telecommunications and information technology users; IpTL simplifies, lowers the cost, and enables the connection of network devices and services over any LAN or WAN infrastructure. With products made in the USA, IpTL offers solutions for every network.

IP Technology Labs, IpTL, BroadLane, and FastLane, The World’s Longest Ethernet Cable are trademarks of IP Technology Labs, LLC. in the United States and other countries. The IP Technology Labs logos are trademarks of IP Technology Labs, LLC. All other trademarks, service marks, registered trademarks, or registered service marks are the property of their respective owners.


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Free Webinar: Mobilize your Access with Model 7 NetBlazer™ Firmware 3.2.9 Dual Wi-Fi Features

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IpTL is pleased to provide Free-of-Charge webinar covering our Model 7 NetBlazer™ dongle and its dual uplink and access point Wi-Fi.

Available now in IpTL BroadLane™ firmware release 3.2.9, the Model 7 now supports simultaneous client Wi-Fi, for connecting and tunneling, as well as a local private Access Point HotSpot for all of your devices.  No USB drivers or computer is required to unify and connect your road warriors.

Register below for your spot on the Webinar.

Typical Use for Dual Wi-Fi (click on image to enlarge)



Registration & Details

The Webinar is via Go-To-Webinar and only requires a minimum of a web browser, Internet access, and local audio (e.g. speakers or headphones.)  Space is limited, so please email to confirm your registration.



Tuesday April 5th, 2016 2pm – 3pm GST
(1400 – 1500 Dubai, UAE)


Mobilize your Access with the new Model 7 NetBlazer™
Dual Wi-Fi Features

Registration URL

Click Here to Register – Go To Webinar




Free of Charge


Please go to M7 Webinar Registration to secure your spot in the session.   Any questions or to setup a private webinar please email

Firmware 3.2.9 Availability – Software Available for current M7 Users

If you have a Model 7 NetBlazer please drop us an email to  Please include the Ethernet MAC address of your unit and your contact details.  We’ll send a link right out to you.


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SECURITY: IpTL Immune to OpenSSL DROWN Attack

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Today it was announced that OpenSSL has another security defect called Decrypting RSA with Obsolete and Weakened eNcryption or “DROWN.” DROWN is a cross-protocol attack which leverages a specific weaknesses in certain OpenSSL SSLv2 implementationsPrimarily a Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attack, DROWN can allow decryption of a TLS connection by using sending specially crafted SSLv2 malicious packets and open decryption tools.

The primary vulnerability in the marketplace are poorly configured HTTPS webservers which still permit SSLv2 to be negotiated.  IpTL only uses TLSv1.2, for tunnel transport and encryption, and does not have any option to negotiate SSLv2.  As we always have security at the forefront we are not vulnerable to this attack. 

Here are some key points which are standard in any IpTL solution:

  • IpTL secure links do not use SSL or HTTPS. We are built on TLSv1.2 and use AES 256 encryption default.

  • There are no weak export ciphers in our system.

  • We use 2,048 bit RSA asymmetric keys.

  • IpTL is a closed symmetric system with our appliances or virtual machines are on both ends of the link and not point-security solution.

    Thus, we can guarantee AES 256 encryption on your data and no one can force a downgrade to another encryption level which can be broken.   If the cipher spec is altered then no connection will take place and no data leaked.

  • With our Tunnel Authentication passphrase you can input a 64 character passcode which locks even the initial TLS communications between the endpoints.  Note: this is not the encryption pre-shared key (we don’t offer preshared keys!) 

    When using this feature only the appliances sharing the same passphrase can communicate.  Any other connection attempts are ignored…you can’t even get the server to respond to a non-authorized connection to attempt a downgrade.  This is above and beyond our standard ephemeral key exchanges and HMACs of TLS!

  • IpTL offers the elliptical curve AES 256 GCM with SHA 384 as a cipher option for true state-of-the-art confidentiality, standard!

Email us at and ask for our Security White Paper for even deeper details on how we connect and secure your network!

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