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Now Open – ICE-T Technical Certification Course September 2015 Bethesda, Maryland USA – CLOSED

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IpTL Certified Engineer – Technical

IpTL certifications bring valuable and measurable rewards to network professionals, their managers, and the organizations that employ them. IpTL offers three levels of certification covering technical, sales, and leadership.

Contact to register your organization for training. In order to provide a quality experience, each class is limited to do not delay.thin1

This hands-on course prepares the applicant for the IpTL Certified Expert – Technical (ICE-T) exam covering the BroadLine™ software set as used on the FastLane™  Series of products. The exam is given after an official ICE-T technical training session.

Covering all the IpTL FastLane solutions, this course provides both theory and hands-on in-depth knowledge on how to specify, implement, configure, and troubleshoot the application of The IpTL FastLane™ Secure Bridging Gateways.

Date and Location

Classes are for a total of two days and led by an instructor with hands-on lab work on actual IpTL appliances. This presentation is 1.5 days long with coffee breaks and lunch break. Lunch is not provided.079_thumb1

Hosted at:
Welbeck Secure Solutions
(Google Map Link)
7910 Woodmont Ave., Ste. 1250
Bethesda, MD 20814
Tel: 855-WELBECK (855-935-2325)

Day 1
Thursday, September 17, 2015
3:00pm – 5:00pm with after hours reception

Day 2
Friday, September 18, 2015
8:30am – 5:00pm

Light snacks and drinks are provided. Lunch break is independent and each attendee is on their own for this time.

Main Topics

  • Product introduction of the complete IpTL FastLane product solution set
  • Theory of Operation our appliances, functions, and use cases.
  • Introduce Bridged Ethernet Concept Bridging vs. Routing and Why is Bridging an important technical differentiator.
  • Introduce Data Paths and Processing Techniques; Data flow, Define Filtering Concepts.

    Applications and Capabilities

    • Appliance access, navigation, and firmware upgrading.
    • Tunnel Operation and Options including PPTPWrapper.

      003 (7)

    • Security implementation and options for device lock-down including Security: with TLS-Auth, Username and Password Support.
    • Understand the different ways a device can be installed such as Inline Mode, Stub Mode, Detached WAN Interface, etc.
    • NAT and Port Forwarding options.
    • Model 71LW Client Wireless and Wireless AP configurations and Cellular configurations.
    • Routed mode through the device.
    • Local and Remote Device Management.
    • Access to the tunnel through the wireless interface.
    • RealTimeResource™ Feature – No more DynDNS!
    • AutoConnect™ Feature – No more port forwards!
    • MultiVirtualConnect™ – Virtualized data groups.
    • FlexPath™ Redundancy Options and Failover Support.
    • IP-Share™ – Multiple Remote IP Support

    Class Size and Enrollment

    Class sizes are limited to a total of 10 persons. If there is overflow we will host a separate session.

    This class is OPEN to all who wish to attend—End users and Channel partners alike!


    The cost for each student is USD$1,499.00. Upon successful completion of the final exam the following benefits will apply:015-3_thumb5

    • The student will receive an official certificate and ICE-T number under his own name.
    • Discount benefits under the IpTL channel program will be placed in to immediate effect for new orders.
    • Use of the IpTL ICE-T Certified logo.
    • A Press Announcement on our website naming your company as IpTL certified.


    Knowledge of Ethernet, IP, and IP Networking is required. The Student must bring his own laptop (PC or MAC), with working Ethernet port, for conducting configurations.


    Contact to register your organization for training. In order to provide a quality experience, each class is limited to do not delay..

    A student is NOT registered until IpTL has received the tuition in full and the student has been issued a registration confirmation from IpTL or Welbeck Secure.


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    IpTL Receives Renewal of UAE TRA Type Approvals

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    BALITMORE, MD, USA 9 July 2015 –  IP Technology Labs announces today that it has received the renewal of its product and company registration type approvals from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  IpTL was initially granted original TRA approvals in July 2012.  The TRA type approval is widely recognized by countries in the Middle East. Having this product registration certificate means that most countries in the Middle East will approve these products.

    “TRA type approval for our FastLane Secure Ethernet products continues our commitment to our presence in the Middle East,” said Scott Whittle, President IPTL. “The market, our partners,  and customers recognize the importance of such approvals to ensure confidence in our solution as well as its use within the region.  Of course, one of the first things one asks is – are you TRA approved.” 


    (Click on each picture to open up the hi-res PDF of each cert)


    About TRA

    The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was established in 2003. Its objective is to ensure adequacy of telecommunications services throughout the UAE; achieve enhancement of services, both in terms of quality and variety; ensure quality of service and adherence to terms of licenses by licensees; encourage telecommunications and IT services within the UAE; promote and enhance the telecommunications sector within the UAE; promote and develop the telecommunications sector in the UAE by training, development and the establishment of relevant training institutions; resolve any disputes between the licensed operators; establish and implement a regulatory and policy framework; promote new technologies; ensure that the UAE becomes the regional ICT hub; develop the country’s human capital; and encourage research and development. You can read more about the TRA at:

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