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PPTP Server now available on all FastLane Secure LAN Bridging Appliances

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Support VPN Remote Access users from iPhone, Android, and PC clients with the new IpTL PPTP server feature.

The IpTL PPTP Server feature provides private access to networks using traditional VPN methods.  Now free and installed clients on smartphones and PC’s can connect to their remote network with a Layer-3 IP connection.

PPTP provides an extremely light-weight and simple VPN setup for remote mobility users.  With fully configurable networking and user credentials, the IpTL PPTP feature includes the Proxy-ARP function to enable access to remote hosts without the need to setup and maintain routes or routing protocols. 

Additionally, the PPTP features operates concurrently with other FastLane tunneling technologies while simultaneously supporting site-to-site network access with other PPTP or IpTL appliances.

The PPTP Server feature is available in firmware version, is free-of-charge, and is available for all IpTL FastLane products,

Click here to request the PPTP firmware or additional information on IpTL Secure LAN Connectivity Solutions.


Click here for the PPTP Server Solutions Application Note



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IP Technology Labs Appoints Welbeck Secure Solutions as its Exclusive North American Technology Source

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Welbeck Secure Solutions to exclusively offer IpTL’s secure network connectivity products and technologies for cloud, enterprise and government users who demand secure mobility and boundless networks with Trust and ControlTM.

(BALTIMORE, Maryland, and BETHESDA, Maryland, USA, Jan 15, 2014) — IP Technology Labs (IpTL), the leading provider of secure network connectivity technologies and Welbeck Secure Solutions (Welbeck), a provider of integrated products and software that easily and securely extend full network functionality to any authorized location, user or device, today announced that IpTL has appointed Welbeck as the exclusive North American provider of IpTL’s portfolio of products, software and technologies. Welbeck will address the security and connectivity challenges found in all networks for which users, applications and devices require secure and assured connectivity end to end with Trust and ControlTM.


"Legacy connectivity is actively giving way to the connected economy,” said Scott Whittle, President of IP Technology Labs. “Welbeck is ideally suited to efficiently fill unmet market needs for end-to-end connectivity with tightly integrated security,  transparency, and control. The VPN of yesterday just can’t keep up with the Any time — Any where — Any network connectivity required by BYOD, Cloud, and M2M applications.  Simply put Welbeck perfectly understands how to match our solutions and technologies with these new market requirements.”

Welbeck will execute IpTL’s secure network connectivity solutions strategy for the North American region providing next-generation secure network virtualization. With IpTL’s plug-and-play solutions and any Ethernet/IP connection, an enterprise can create its own virtualized, secure and private networks with full positive control of all endpoints.

“The market is demanding solutions that enable and simplify network extension and workforce connectivity,” said Bob Smith, President and CEO of Welbeck Secure Solutions. “With increased pressure to support BYOD, UC, cloud and Machine-to-Machine connectivity, users recognize the need for seamless network extension with Trust and ControlTM.  Moreover, integration of hardware, software and devices in disparate networks creates difficult networking challenges that IpTL’s interoperability can seamlessly overcome. With IpTL, we can provide full network functionality to the end user.”

Link to PDF Version of release here


About IP Technology Labs, LLC (

IP Technology Labs is the worldwide designer and manufacturer of the FastLane™ IP and Ethernet network appliances and AutoConnect™ plug-and-play VPN, Tunneling and LAN virtualization appliances. IpTL integrated solutions allow enterprises to gain better visibility across their activities, improve operational efficiencies and fully enable netcentric applications with improved control over network costs. Empowering enterprise, government and service providers of all sizes, customers and partners rely on IpTL to deliver innovative solutions that transform the experience and economics of networking.

IP Technology Labs, IpTL, BroadLane™, AutoConnect™, FastLane™, Trust and Control™ and The World’s Longest Ethernet Cable™ are trademarks of IP Technology Labs, LLC in the United States and other countries exclusively licensed throughout North America to Welbeck Secure Solutions, LLC. The IP Technology Labs logo is a trademark of IP Technology Labs, LLC. All other trademarks, service marks, registered trademarks and registered service marks are the property of their respective owners.


About Welbeck Secure Solutions, LLC (

Welbeck Secure Solutions is a leader in enabled secure communications over public and private IP networks. Welbeck provides integrated products and software that enable enterprises to connect and extend their networks with Trust and ControlTM. Our solutions work with any device, running any OS or application over any IP/Ethernet connection – with full visibility and positive control of all end points. With offices and partnerships throughout North America and the Caribbean, Welbeck’s solutions easily and securely extend full network functionality to any authorized location, user or device. For additional information, please contact Mr. Walt Rogers at +1-240- 731-1147 or

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